Report: Gran Turismo 6 may be due at the end of this year for PS3

While it felt like Gran Turismo 5 had just came out—despite a release date in the year of 2010—CNET reports that Polyphony Digital and Playstation are gearing up to release the next installment to the world-renown console-based racing simulator.

The rumor stems from several details pointing to a new version of the racing videogame based on some product details coming from online electronics retailer NewEgg and Italian retailer Multiplayer. Though no official word has been released regarding Gran Turismo 6.

CNET is inclined to report that Gran Turismo 6 is potentially slated for a release date of November 28, later this year. However, there is a chance us videogamers and petrolheads may hear some more news at the upcoming E3 gaming exposition in Los Angeles on June 10th.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CNET