Report: Infiniti still working on a flagship, may spawn a coupe off of the same platform

As the Germans and Japan’s top luxury brass, Lexus, soldier on fighting each other in the mass market luxury segments, Infiniti has sort of been off to the side working on their own efforts. Keen market watchers and Infiniti fans would note that Japan’s other luxury brand—the one that prides themselves as being the Japanese alternative to BMW—is still void of a luxury flagship that was once fulfilled by the visually forgettable but wonderfully driving Q45. But don’t worry, because CARandDRIVER promises that Infiniti is well aware, after speaking with the brand’s president, Johan de Nysschen.

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However, Nysschen reportedly told the renowned automobile outlet that Infiniti will be taking a much different approach to the full-size executive sedan market.

“Above Q70 you need a car that competes with 7-series, S-class, and Audi A8. That’s conventional thinking. There’s enough action going on in that segment,” said de Nysschen. “I don’t think the world needs another car like that. But I do think the world needs an upscale, very emotional, high-performance luxury sedan from Infiniti that might be a different concept.”

However, little detail was spared, leaving much to be pondered about as de Nysschen also noted that there are “a variety of ideas” under consideration. There could be the “four-door coupe” approach a la Mercedes-Benz CLS , Audi A7, Porsche Panamera, et al. However, CARandDRIVER was told that other “really wild” shapes are getting some attention.

But ultimately, CARandDRIVER is adamant that this future Infiniti flagship will be more of a halo product for the Japanese sports luxury automaker. Should success be found like de Nysschen hopes, a coupe could also find its way into the mix off of the intended Q45-successor.

“I think we need some kind of sexy sports car that might share powertrains and  platforms with [the range-topping sedan], but an even more emotional iteration,” de Nysschen elaborated. “We need these cars as technological and emotional flagships. They can raise the center of gravity for the brand.”

Whatever it may be, de Nysschen certainly has the ability to make Infiniti into a successful brand. Just look what he did for Audi, making it into the automaker that it is today. de Nysschen was formerly the CEO of Audi America, which we all know has become an outrageously hot-selling brand in this country. So imagine what he could do for Infiniti…

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CARandDRIVER