Report: Lamborghini to end Gallardo with a special stripped-down version, next gen to be inspired by Veneno

Road&Track reports that Lamborghini has some special plans in the works to finally send the Gallardo off in to the pages of history as it comes to the end of its current production cycle. The plans is to release a special stripped-down and high-performance variant produced in small numbers, with rear-wheel drive only, and a manual transmission.

“It will be the least-gilded, back-to-basics stripped version,” said Lamborghini of America’s COO, Michael Lock. “We are in an era when customers demand technology and products that adapt to them.”

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Lock is referring to Lambo’s plans to drop the manual transmission since many of their customers companied about the Gallardo’s “finicky” shifter gate pattern. Feedback apparently was that the shifter needed getting used to and could be difficult for most drivers. Lamborghini even said that through their data collection, the ratio of customers who preferred electronically controlled manual transmissions to traditional manual rowers was 9:1. In other words, I think that’s basically saying that most Lamborghini owners are just a bunch of pansies.

Either way, the Lamborghini knows that their Gallardo is at least nine years old. Though it sure doesn’t seem like it as the Raging Bull manufacturer has been to keep it fresh. But ultimately, the Gallardo has certainly aged well.

This is due to the Gallardo’s “mechanistic styling,” as Lock described it.

“With the replacement for the Gallardo, Lamborghini will be at a crossroads,” Lock explained. “The replacement for that car is pivotal.”

Lock apparently hinted that the next generation Gallardo will take inspiration from the recently introduced and extremely exclusive Lamborghini Veneno.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Road&Track