Report: Cadillac is still on board with a CTS Coupe successor to accompany the all-new 2014 sedan reports that Cadillac isn’t stopping with their aggressive offense to compete with the big luxury dogs from Europe and Japan as America’s top brass is seeking to expand its new 2014 CTS lineup with a possible new coupe. We’re already familiar with a Cadillac CTS lineup with different variants as a coupe and wagon version are available in addition to the standard CTS sedan. That said, this should be no surprise.

“We will see where we go,” Cadillac global marketing director Jim Vurpillat told Edmunds in an interview at the 2013 New York Auto Show, “[the current CTS coupe] was the No. 1 selling luxury coupe in the industry. It is a good segment for us.”

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Cadillac’s outgoing CTS sedan and lineup were the closest attempts at trying to compete with the proverbial industry standards from Mercedes-Benz and BMW, though they fell rather short in a variety of ways. This isn’t to say the CTS was bad, it just wasn’t quite up to par with the latest model updates from the Germans. The new 2014 Cadillac CTS on the other hand appears to really have closed the gap between Cadillac and its competitors. Hell, with the way the Germans—particularly BMW—have dipped with the diluting their corporate philosophy, the Cadillac may even reign to be the segment leader.

“The CTS is going to deliver the most agile driving dynamics in its segment,” Cadillac’s chief engineer, Dave Leone said. “The reason is that it is significantly lighter than anybody else out there. The CTS in four-cylinder, turbo powertrain configuration is a 3,600-pound car. It is 200 pounds lighter than the BMW 5 Series with a 2.0 turbo. Plus it has another 32 horsepower.”

The 2014 Cadillac CTS achieves its lower curb weight thanks to the use of aluminum and other lightweight materials. Cadillac even admits to have taken inspiration from BMW by making the CTS don a near-50/50 weight distribution, which we all know, for the most part, translates into superior handling, balance, and driving dynamics.

Cadillac’s bosses didn’t tell Edmunds when we could expect a coupe version of the 2014 Cadillac CTS. But either way, we want it, and they know it. So bring it on Caddy.

– By: Chris Chin