Hyundai unveils HND-9 high performance luxury sports coupe online, due at 2013 Seoul Motor Show

Hyundai has just pulled the virtual sheets off of a new concept that they plant to unveil at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show on their home turf. It’s called the HND-9 and is described to be “Hyundai’s next-generation luxury sports coupe design.”

The HND-9 is presumably another model to gauge Hyundai’s interest in expanding up market as they exhibited at this year’s past Detroit Auto Show with the HCD-14 Genesis concept. Where as Hyundai is considering the idea of producing an up-market luxury sedan, this would represent an up-market coupe.

Alternatively, the HND-9 Concept can also provide a good pointer as to what to expect for the next generation Genesis Coupe, should Hyundai maintain making a separate and less costly Genesis Coupe like they do today rather than introducing a completely new luxury model. Though none of this is official yet.

The HND-9 Concept sends its power to the rear wheels, thanks to a 370hp 3.3L turbocharged direct-injected GDi gasoline engine, complete with an eight-speed automatic.

For full details, check out the press release after the jump

Luxury Sports Coupe Concept HND-9

– The HND-9 hints at Hyundai’s next-generation luxury sports coupe design

– More details to be revealed at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show

March 21, 2013 – Hyundai Motor Company, the fastest-growing automaker by brand, today
unveiled exterior renderings of the ‘HND-9’, its latest luxury sports coupe concept.

The ‘HND-9’ represents an evolution of Hyundai’s fluidic sculpture design philosophy. The
ninth concept model developed by Hyundai Motor Group’s R&D Center in Namyang, Korea,
the HND-9 features sophisticated details in every design element, reinforcing a premium look.

In particular, the HND-9, with its dramatic long hood and wheelbase, is a modern
reinterpretation of the elegant image of a classic premium sports coupe.

Fluidic yet sleek character lines that stretch from headlamp to trunk, voluminous, powerful car
body and a striking, wide hexagonal-shaped radiator grille underscore the high performance
image of the concept.

Furthermore, butterfly doors, spiral-shaped lines connected to the headlamp, softly glistening
silver coating, dual twin muffler and uniquely designed head and rear lamps give the car a
sleek futuristic look.

As a rear-wheel drive, high-performance sports coupe concept, HND-9 is equipped with 3.3-
liter turbo GDi engine and 8-speed auto transmission, delivering maximum output of 370ps.

The HND-9 is set to make its world debut during Hyundai’s press conference on March 28
at the 2013 Seoul Motor Show. More details of the concept’s design and its cutting-edge
technologies will be revealed at the show.

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