Report: An AMG Mercedes-Benz GLK was considered, but will not happen

Ever pondered about the possibility of an AMG version of Mercedes-Benz’s compact GLK crossover SUV, considering how they like to AMG-ify their cars just because? Well, so have the boffins at Benz’s in-house tuning shop, and unfortunately, according to of Australia, AMG boss Tobias Moers said that it wouldn’t be a good move for the company.

“Right now we don’t see that market,” Moers told CarAdvice, “Maybe we will change our mind, but right now we don’t see a marketing approach for that. Maybe there will be a change in market when the Porsche [Macan] comes up, but right now, no. It would be a huge investment for us … to make it a real AMG.”

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And I find that particularly interesting for Moers to say, particularly when Audi has just revealed its hot RS Q3 model.

But CarAdvice insisted on asking Moers about the RS Q3 and whether he thinks Audi made the wrong move by “diluting” the RS nameplate. Moers reportedly agreed and said that he didn’t believe that it was the right strategy.

Though, we all know that nothing is set in stone as brands can always change their minds. However, I don’t really think it’s necessary for them to do so in this case.

– By: Chris Chin