Report: Next-generation Audi A4 to receive 2.0L TDI Clean Diesel variant
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Diesel Audi lovers will have a field day as AutomotiveNews reports that our North American-spec Audi A4s will start getting the option for a TDI clean diesel version as Audi seeks to expand their diesel offerings in the US. WOO!

Scott Keogh, Audi of America’s President spoke to US dealers at a press conference yesterday and told them that the A4 will be offered with a 2.0L TDI diesel for the next generation A4.

Keogh also said that Audi is holding out for the redesign of the A4 as the current A4 is “deep in its life cycle” and that “it didn’t make any sense to do al that dramatic re-engineering and re-architecting of the car to basically only have a two-year selling period.”

Still, it’s rather comforting to know that diesels are still trickling their way into our markets. Now, if only the oil companies would cooperate and reduce the price of diesel the way it should be…

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutomotiveNews

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  • cad4life

    its a bigger, nicer vw jetta

  • Goat

    that would be the new a3 due later this year, the a4 is the passat

  • Goat

    with all the problems the 2.0 gas engine has had, I’m surprised they waited as long as they did to introduce the 2.0 tdi in the a4. And to say it would cause a major redesign is false since they already offer it in other markets. I recently test drove a 2013 a4 with the new electronic steering, which was sloppy. at highway speeds, steering the a4 was a constant battle to keep it in a straight line. the car wasn’t worth $20k let alone $40k.

  • Goat

    oh, and diesel prices are inflated due to the war – remember that? yes, we are still at war… the military is the #1 consumer of diesel fuel in the US, and BP is the only diesel manufacturer in the US, shutting the Amoco refinery after they merged with them. After we pulled out of Iraq, prices fell 30 cents/gallon. It should fall again once we withdraw from Afghanistan.

  • Maha Ghazi


    تبدأ فى من جديد وتحضر وهنميبال منشاا سنساسلاوهالا ياهم
    عثهاوا صكمارو