Report: Next-gen 2015 Ford Mustang to get EcoBoost four-banger for both EU and US

During the press days at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, has reportedly confirmed that the Ford Mustang will be receiving a 2.3L turbocharged EcoBoost four-banger in Europe for the 2015 year. Originally though, Edmunds’ initial report disclosed that Ford was only offering the European-spec Ford Mustang with the EcoBoost mill.

However, in a follow up report conducted by Road&Track, word is that us ‘Murikans will be receiving the four-banger pony as well. This has been a rumor for quite some time, but considering that we’re closer to the end of the current Mustang now than before, it’s becoming more obvious that this rumor is marking to be true.

Initial feedback from the rumor sparked rather polarizing reception as Mustang enthusiasts were worried about the car harking back to the days of the original Mustang that first came with a four-pot in its second and third generation. And many of those enthusiasts would argue with confidence that those were the worst years for the Mustang ever.

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But this isn’t 1979 anymore and although we’ve been having a fuel crisis ever since prices became a widely recognized issue, history won’t be repeating itself thanks to the advance in technology since then. That said, Ford has reportedly said that the 2.3L EcoBoost unit will produce from 252hp to as much as 300 horses.

Not to mention, R&T reports that there’s even a chance that the EcoBoost engine won’t be the base model. But the 5.0L V8 will remain as the range topper for the GT.

So egmCarTech’ers, do you approve of the next-generation Mustang receiving a turbocharged four-banger? Let us know in the comment section below.

– By: Chris Chin


Contributing Report: Road&Track