Video: Audi fits paintball cannons to two Audi RS4 Avants, and this is what happened

Want some lunchtime entertainment? Audi has just released some videos of a little paintball competition that they decided to set up, featuring the all-new Audi RS4 sport wagon.

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Two RS4 Avants, one black, one white, were fitted with special high-caliber paintball cannons on the hoods, while one was fitted with paintball grenades and the other dumped paint a-la oil slick.

And of course, in classic paintball fashion, one had to chase the other to try and see who got the most hits.

If only manufacturers had this option available all the time…it would not only prove to be entertaining, but certainly a good way to get back at someone who drives slow or brake-checks you for no apparent reason.

This will surely help keep you entertained during today’s lunch as you munch on that tasty Panini from the shoppe down the street. Don’t forget to wash your hands before you eat.

By: Chris Chin