Report: Mazda still working on a rotary engine, may see production within five years with SkyActiv tech

AutoCarUK reports that Mazda is still in the works with developing a new rotary engine for future use as the previous Renesis motor used in the last RX-8 was turned down for not meeting emissions regulations and fuel economy requirements.

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Mazda of course has their SkyActiv technology, which is currently employed throughout their lineup as a way to market the brand’s fuel efficient lineup. These advances found are being applied to the research and development of this new rotary motor.

Additionally, Mazda reportedly said that they still strongly believe there is potential with more advanced ignition systems. Previous reports have indicated that Mazda has been working on a “laser” ignition system for its new rotary.

Timeframe? A Mazda engineer apparently told AutoCarUK that we could expect a new production rotary within five years, however, no confirmation exists at this time.

In a concluding statement, Mazda’s head honcho Takashi Yamanouchi said that as long as he works for the company, Mazda will be a leader in the industry with rotary engines.

“The challenger spirit that has made us the world leader in rotary engines is still alive and well at Mazda,” concluded Yamanouchi.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCarUK