Report: Infiniti’s IPL division to collaborate with Red Bull Formula 1 sponsor, could produce some seriously potent cars

Infiniti appears to be seriously stepping up their game in order to tighten their aim on the European competition. CARandDRIVER reports that the brand will now be receiving help from the world-champion Red Bull F1 Racing Team specifically with their Infiniti Performance Line models.

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Red Bull’s F1 Racing Team and Infiniti have been collaborating for some now, which is particularly evident if you just take a quick trip down memory lane and recall the Sebastian Vettel edition of the Infiniti FX. And if you ever though that it was just another marketing ploy to sort of brand Infiniti with one of the world’s most popular energy drinks, you might have to think again.

Vettel was given a prototype of the current FX and was told to bring it to the track and to come back with serious criticisms. And he did as Vettel came back with  a long list of suggestions. As a result, Infiniti took them seriously and to his surprise, they applied them to the car.

Other hints that Infiniti has been gearing up to tighten their aim ever so more was the last Infiniti G37 IPL, which wasn’t exactly an M3 contender, but still touted some serious performance.

Conclusively however, it seems there is high hopes for this collaboration as Red Bull’s Formula 1 specialists will be getting deeply involved with the research and development of Infiniti’s future IPL models. And to further put to rest of any skepticism, Red Bull Racing and Infiniti have made it very clear that “they’d rather see a genuine engineering collaboration on the road than logo stickers.” Sounds good to me.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CARandDRIVER