Report: GM most likely to introduce a wagon version of Chevrolet SS sedan, no “ute” version unfortunately

Following the unveiling of Holden’s VF Commodore sedan, along with America’s version, the Chevrolet SS performance sedan, some details have emerged surrounding the planning of these much-anticipated releases from General Motors.

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Prior to the unveiling of the VF Commodore and the Chevrolet SS, word is that the General originally had contemplated a wagon and “ute” version of both vehicles. Naturally, the VF Commodore would received a wagon and “ute” version in homeland Australia. The “ute” version is in essence a spiritual successor to the Chevrolet El Camino, a car-based pickup truck. And interestingly enough, the El Camino disappeared into the pages of history in our domestic market while the “ute” style vehicle took off in Australia, and is still sold in that form to this day.

But in addition to the VF Commodore wagon and ute, GM of North America had considered adopting versions of the wagon and ute for the up and coming Chevrolet SS sedan. But according to GM of North America’s head honcho, Mark Reuss, only a wagon will reach our shores in the form of the Chevrolet SS, no ute.

“It’s a little bit late for Ute,” Reuss told TheSydneyHerald. “[But] some people think it would really a really cool thing to do.”

Even when Pontiac was still around and the G8 was making a solid impression, GM was adamant about a wagon and ute version then as well. However, due to the global financial crisis, Pontiac finally went six feet under along with all of those plans.

But now that the Holden Commodore once again will be reaching our shores, Ruess said that we can certainly expect a wagon version of the Chevrolet SS to come stateside.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: TheSydneyMorningHerald via AutoEvolution