Report: Rolls-Royce to introduce new flagship convertible by 2016, to have V16 engine, SUV also being planned

CAR Magazine of the United Kingdom reports that Rolls-Royce is gearing up to introduce a new flagship convertible that is said to don a new V16 engine. Additionally, in response to Bentley’s move to produce a “contemporary SUV,” Rolls has also apparently said that their working on their own SUV as well.

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“We’re monitoring the competition’s activities,” Rolls-Royce head honcho Harald Krüger told CAR, “and we’re regularly debating whether to take action. This applies to all brand segments and technologies.”

Rolls-Royce introduced their vision of a modern 16-cylinder when they showcased the unique engine in their 2004 100EX Concept. The engine was a 9.0L V16, and while the actual V16 engine didn’t make it past the Concept form, the rest of the 100EX did in the form of the Rolls-Royce Phantom Coupe and Drophead Coupe.

Since then, Rolls-Royce sources told CAR that it was “a mistake not to put it into the Phantom,” which would have done a better job at separating the Phantom from the latest and lesser Ghost sedan.

Sources also apparently shared that the V16 could produce nearly 700hp, but the goal isn’t to break top speed records like history’s most recent 16-cylinder production car, the Bugatti Veyron. Additionally, the chassis of this new convertible flagship is said to be based off of the next generation Phantom’s aluminum space frame, which is due by 2016.

Though it must be made clear, as Rolls-Royce officials emphasized, that this new flagship must not be mistaken for the new up and coming Wraith, which is set to be a coupe version of Rolls’ latest Ghost sedan. The Wraith is due for its world debut at Geneva next month.

In regards to the SUV, Rolls-Royce is currently researching and developing the idea, though details were kept to a minimum.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: CAR