Report: Next gen Ford Edge supposedly leaked via graphic from a presentation

It appears Jalopnik has been able to catch a sneak peak at the next generation Ford Edge that just sort of happened by accident. According to their report, Ford recently presented a graphic outlining their near-future product plans. And because Ford’s deep in their globalization processes, that means all of their eggs were to be found in one basket.

Of course, because this was a supposed leak, not much is known about the future generation Ford Edge.

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But judging by what you can make out in the graphic, the Edge becomes, well, edgier in its design cues as it reflects Ford’s current global design language. You can see far more pronounced side panels and a more trapezoidal grill that’s reminiscent of the current Taurus. If anything, it even closer resembles being the Escape’s bigger middle sibling.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Jalopnik