Report: Holden to unveil 2013 VF Commodore in Australia, will give a glimpse into Chevrolet SS Performance Sedan

Pay close attention GM fans, as GM’s Australian branch has reportedly announced that they’ll be unveiling the latest version of their flagship VF Commodore sedan later this evening, according to General Motors enthusiast blog, GMAuthority. But why does it matter to us?

Simply put, the future 2013 Holden VF Commodore sedan will be the basis for the much-anticipated Chevrolet SS Performance Sedan that has stirred up the autosphere. Holden has had some presence here in the US in the past, though they were never called such. For instance, the Holden Caprice comes to the United States already in the form of the Chevrolet Caprice for law enforcement use. And yes, just from the aesthetics and design alone, you can obviously tell it is a left-hand drive Holden Caprice with a bunch of Chevy badges and design cues on it.

Additionally, both the Holden/Chevrolet Caprice and the Holden Commodore share the same rear-wheel drive GM Zeta platform, that also underpins the current Chevrolet Camaro. And more undoubtedly, we also received the Holden Monaro—which we briefly saw for a couple years as the Pontiac GTO—and you could obviously tell that it was a left-hand drive Monaro with a bunch of Pontiac visual tweaks. We also briefly received the Holden Commodore in the form of the Pontiac G8—another GM Zeta car—which was a winner by many standards, though the damage and death of Pontiac had already taken its toll.

But now, those holding out for a bonafide rear-wheel drive sports sedan from Chevrolet no longer have to wait. Because this new 2013 Holden VF Commodore will give the entire world a solid pointer as to what to expect from this Chevrolet SS Performance Sedan.

Stay tuned.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: GMAuthority