2013 Chicago: Volkswagen unveils Golf GT Wolfsburg and Driver’s Editions as MK6 Golf comes to end

Volkswagen unveiled that they’ll be releasing two limited editions of the current MKVI Golf GTI for the US as a way to send the current gen GTI into the pages of history while the seventh generation makes its way here.

The new editions are called Wolfsburg Edition and Driver’s Edition and will be only offered as a four-door in three colors and in limited quantities.

They will go on sale in very shortly. The Wolfsburg Edition starts at $25,095 for the six-speed manual version and $26,195 for the six-speed DSG-equipped Wolfsburg and will be limited to 2,000 units total. The Driver’s Edition will only be made 3,000 times and will start at $29,695 for the manual and $30,795 for the DSG. The Driver’s Edition comes fully stock with nearly all options checked off.

And to remind you that you bought a special edition GTI, Volkswagen will supply a ‘Certificate of Authenticity,’ a special hat, parking sign, and keychain.

– By: Chris Chin