Report: Cadillac to update CUE at end of the year after some reviews call it “laggy and unresponsive”

Wired has learned that Cadillac will be launching a new update for its CUE or Cadillac User Experience interface for its infotainment system. This comes after initial reviews of Cadillac’s unique system returned with responses like laggy and unresponsive.

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The update is said to remedy all of the poor response and lag as majority of the car’s functions are controlled by a large touchscreen and touch surfaces.

“We’re hearing about our haptics and the desire for quicker responses,” Jeff Massimilla told Wired in an exclusive interview. Masimilla is CUE’s design manager. “And we’re making a modification that will be released sometime later this year.

Ford experienced similar feedback and issues with its Sync systems. But unlike Ford, who conducted an over-the-air update via wireless channels, Cadillac dealers will physically update the software themselves.

We had to take that bold step, and as an innovator and as a leader, that’s always the risk we have to take,” Cadillac’s vice president of sales and marketing, Don Butler said. “You might move to a place that might be uncomfortable for a lot of users.”

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Wired