Report: Next-gen Ford Focus to come by 2015, more performance vehicles to come

AutoCarUK reports that Ford is prepping to unveil the third-generation Ford Focus RS, which is pegged for a sale date of 2015. This confirmation apparently comes from inside sources. Additionally, thanks to the Asia’s strong and potential market and the “crucial” profit from the North American market, Ford’s global bosses have also reportedly said that they can now further invest in more potential niche models to “add luster to the brand and to raise its profile beyond the struggling mass market.” This is part of Ford’s current CEO Alan Mulally’s ‘One Ford’ global strategy.

Kicking that off would be the next generation Ford Focus RS.

“We’ve concentrated on developing cars for world markets, and you can see the result of that with the Edge and Mustang scheduled to come to Europe, and the Fiesta and Focus in the US,” said Barb Smardzich, vice president of Ford Europe’s product development. “Our ‘One Ford’ policy has succeeded in pushing our mainstream products further than ever, and the next step is to provide customers with more exemplary, smaller-volume highlight products. Planning doesn’t just have to be about the mainstream now; we can go to the edges again.”

Furthermore, Samardzich told AutoCarUK that Ford’s high performance vehicles are divided into very different groups, allowing for more variety for expansion.

“There’s more room for more performance products across the range in the small, medium and large car segments,” Samardzich told AutoCarUK.. “A whole suite of such cars is what I have in mind. I’m noting there are two different kinds of customers — one for ST products, which are fun but have an everyday usability, and another, more racing-focused customer who wants an RS-type car. Evolving both alongside Mustang is complementary; the customers for one don’t necessarily want the other.”

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The next-generation Focus RS is said to utilize Ford’s latest EcoBoost 2.3L turbocharged four-banger good for 330hp. This engine will also be used in the next generation Mustang. But whereas the Mustang’s four-banger will be longitudinally mounted for rear-wheel drive, the Focus RS’s four-banger will obviously sit transversely. Power and torque were also said to be “moderately higher” than in the Mustang.

Ford’s patented and highly successful Revoknuckle front suspension will make its return curb torque steer and aid in traction. A limited-slip differential, upgraded brakes and tires, and sporty appointments will also be included in the third-gen Focus RS.

Conclusively, Samardzich also commented lightly on the next generation Mustang.

“The beauty of One Ford is that every step forward is shared by every market,” she said. “All I can confirm is that the Mustang will feature some new, exciting technologies that will benefit customers in every market. We know there is enthusiasm for the car in Europe, and we know the Mustang name resonates globally. We must ensure it delivers on that promise in every market it’s sold in.”

However, there hasn’t been any updated word surrounding the next Focus RS’s potential for the North American markets.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: AutoCarUK