Report: Details about next-gen BMW M3/M4 Coupe leaked

WorldCarFans seems to have stumbled upon a post on a current gen BMW 3-Series enthusiast site, And in that post, it appears some very major details have been leaked surrounding the next version of one of the most iconic cars in all of automotive history: the BMW M3.

Controversially, BMW has reportedly slated the next 3-Series coupe for a name change to the 4-Series, which isn’t new. So resultantly, the M versions may also follow suit. As a result, the next generation BMW M3 cars being referred to as the BMW F80 M3 and BMW F82 M3 Coupe.

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But more importantly, a member on F30Post has discovered a very detailed VIN registration. Word is that BMW registers VINs for their pre-production test cars. And anyone who knows a thing or two about VIN numbers is that despite their enigmatic collection of various digits and letters, they all translate into some significant meaning about where the car  was made, hence, Vehicle Identification Numbers.

According to the VIN translation, BMW have listed a completely new internal engine code, known as S55. Sounds sensibly accurate because the last six-cylinder powered M3—the E46 generation from 2001-2006—was powered by BMW M’s S54 naturally aspirated straight-six. That S55 engine is said to be a 3.0L inline-six good for 415hp. Now, that’s not much of an improvement over the current 4.0L V8 M3, which makes 414hp. But rumors suggest that this inline-six will boast nearly 100 lb-ft of torque more than the V8, thanks to a multi-turbo setup.

Word also is that the boffins at BMW’s M-Division are targeting the E46’s curb weight of just 3,415lbs. The current E90 M3 sedan weighs a pretty porky 3,726lbs while the E92 M3 coupe weighs 3,704lbs.

The next generation M3 is expected to debut sometime later this year or early 2014.



– By: Chris Chin

Source: via WCF

Photo Source: BimmerPost