Photo Rendering: Radion Design reveals their BMW “M9” design concept

Tuning house Radion Design has just released photos of what they think a BMW super sports coupe should look like. And right off the bat, I can tell you that they did one hell of a job.

In the description on their Facebook page, there’s mention of an “Audi R8,” which we assume is the ideal target for this “BMW M9.” Additionally, the design seems to have taken a mesh between an Aston Martin, BMW’s i8 mid-engined sustainable sports car, and the Fisker Karma, except with two less doors.

The result is stunning nonetheless. But would BMW build it? When I spoke to BMW’s M Product Manager, Matt Russell, two years ago, a supercar was just “not on the table.” However, within the last year, a new rumor was pumped out suggesting that BMW may once again be considering the idea.

Either way, sounds like I have some more questions to ask him the next time I see him. Until then, allow your eyes to feast on this beauty.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Radion Design Facebook via WCF