Toyota Furia Concept teased once again before Detroit preview

Toyota Furia Concept

Just days before its official debut at the 2013 Detroit Auto Show, Toyota has released yet another teaser for its Furia Concept. Along with the teaser Toyota released a statement saying that the debuted will be assisted by Samsung’s transparent display technology using a custom-built structure housing thirty of Samsung’s new 46” transparent LCD panel.

Check out the original Toyota Furia Concept Teaser here.

“This technology will be used to help create a unique dramatic effect for the Furia reveal as elements can be transmitted on the clear transparent panels to partially obstruct or completely block view of the vehicle until the panels are made completely clear to show the car”, said o2 Creative Solution’s Design Director Brian Hords. o2 Creative Solutions is the agency responsible for execution of the Furia Concept’s reveal.

– By: Omar Rana