Report: Lexus wants to keep excitement after LFA, no plans for another supercar

Now that production of the limited-edition Lexus LFA supercars has ended, the luxury brand from Toyota is trying to figure out how to keep its lineup sexy and sporty.

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Production of the Lexus LFA, a $375,000 supercar, ended on Dec. 14. Only 500 units were produced all of which were sold out before production even launched in Dec. 2010.

Now Lexus higher-ups want a new halo.

“If we want to build a more emotional brand, then we need a halo car,” Lexus Executive Vice President Kazuo Ohara said. “We would like to have that sort of car.”

So should you expect another crazy supercar? Even though you’ve been hearing a lot about a production LF-LC – don’t hold your breath. Lexus wants to focus on a 4-point plan to keep the sexiness alive and here is what they are working on.

4-point plan:

  • More impassioned design
  • New drivetrains
  • Better customer service
  • Sexier marketing.

How about another supercar Lexus? That might just do the trick.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoNews