Report: Ford talking to EPA on hybrid mileage tests

Following Consumer Reports claim that the Ford C-MAX Hybrid and the Ford Fusion Hybrid both fall short of their fuel-economy claims, the EPA said that it will review the publications claims on the new Ford models.

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Ford has now said that it is talking to the EPA on how it tests fuel economy performance on new vehicles.

“We will continue to talk on behalf of the industry with the EPA to determine if changes are necessary,” Joe Hinrichs, chief of Ford’s operations in North and South America, told reporters in Detroit. The EPA “has made changes over the last couple of decades as technology has changed.”

Ford isn’t asking the EPA to make any modifications to its mileage testing procedures, Hinrichs said.

In Consumer Reports tests the Fusion delivered an overall fuel-economy of 39 mpg while the Ford C-MAX Hybrid delivered an overall 37 mpg.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoNews