Strut offering styling package for the 2013 Range Rover

The all-new 2013 Range Rover has gotten its first styling tune from the California-based Strut.

While tuning houses everywhere created kits for the last Range Rover, Strut differs a bit from the typical tuning house, and is described as “creators of hand-crafted distinctive jewelry collections, wheels and accessories for luxury automobiles.”

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Details for the kit are minor but some are fairly extravagant. Offered are matching color bumper and door trims, a selection of grilles with a mesh insert, a set of 22-inch ICON 5 RR forged mono block alloy wheels and the option for LED lights in a variety of finishes.

Additional options include matching alloy wheel and door inserts that come in black nickel, color match paint, powder coat, triple chrome, rose gold, shadow walnut wood, figured macassar wood and black lacquer wood.

“With an unprecedented selection of accessories, STRUT enthusiasts will have the ultimate opportunity to bring a true sense of individuality to their new Range Rover,” said Strut COO John Grooms. “From an extended line of finishes to the addition of personalized insets, there has never been a greater opportunity for Range Rover owners to enhance this magnificent luxury vehicle.”

Strut has the kit available for pre-order on its company website as well as directly though U.S. Land Rover dealers.

-By: Alexandra Koken

Source: CarScoop