Novitec Rosso gives Ferrari F12 Berlinetta 753 horses

When a new Ferrari debuts, in this case being the F12 Berlinetta, it’s always interesting to see what some of the world’s most famous tuners will do with the Italian stallion.

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Novitec Rosso is one of the first out of the gate with their tuning package for the F12 Berlinetta and while there haven’t been many visual changes to the car, a power upgrade will keep those interested in some extra performance from their new Ferrari a little more excited.

The ‘standard’ Ferrari F12 Berlinetta pushes 730-hp from its front-mid-mounted 6.3 liter V12 engine. Novitec Rosso decided to take that up a notch with a recalibrated mapping for injection and ignition that brings the output to 753-hp and the torque to 518 lb-ft. The redline has now been increased to 8,900 rpm allowing the F12 Berlinetta to hit 214 mph.

– By: Omar Rana