Report: Alfa Romeo flagship sedan could be produced by Maserati

New details have emerged about Alfa Romeo’s future plans courtesy of Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne.

Volkswagen wanted to buy the brand, but Marchionne declined the offer. He says “Simply because there are some things that are not for sale. If you went to [VW Chairman] Ferdinand Piech and asked to buy Audi, he would tell you it’s not for sale,” adding “I have zero interest in selling Alfa. Period.”

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So now that we know for sure that the company won’t be folded into VW’s sizable catalogue, we can touch on the Giulia. Marchionne told Automotive News Europe that the model is still being developed and that it will eventually be produced in Italy for the global market.

As for a large, rear wheel drive sedan, he says that it would “undoubtedly come from an architecture that is shared with Maserati.” In addition, it would be made big enough to serve as a chauffer-driven model and that it would be built with Maserati.

An Alfa-Romeo crossover has not been confirmed but if it were it would be built in Italy and be on the larger side.

-By: Alexandra Koken

Source: AutoNews (via WCF)