Report: BMW to offer as many as 20 different models with front-wheel-drive

BMW is working on as many as 20 different models that will be built on its new front-wheel-drive architecture. The platform will first make its debut on the next-genertaion Mini and the production version of the BMW Active Tourer Concept.

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“We’ve got plans to produce up to 20 new models on this platform. Not all of them have been approved yet – we’ve got approval on 10-12 new models,” Ian Robertson, member of the board of management at BMW said.

Now this doesn’t mean that there will be brand new 20 models – the number include the range of models available in derivatives of a model. For example, we’ll see the front-wheel-drive architecture used on the Mini Roadster, Coupe and Clubman along with the hatchback.

BMW’s X1 and 1-Series could also go front-wheel-drive on their next-generation versions.

– By: Omar Rana

Source: AutoExpress