RH Motorsports working on street-legal Ford GT racecars

RH Motorsports is so impressed with the Matech GT1 that it teamed up with GT Guy LLC to create a fully customizable street-legal version.

The model is based on the original 2009 GT1 prototype racecar including engines, design work and molds. Twenty units will be produced in the limited run and will include all that the race version does. It comes with a carbon fiber body and can be built to customer specifications including color, wheel upgrades, carbon fiber and alcantara for the interior and a selection of body kits.

Three engine packages are available, starting with the 600hp naturally aspirated version, then the 76hp GT Guys 5.4-liter supercharger kit and lastly the 1000hp twin turbo kit.

Two prototypes of the GT3-S and the GT1-S have been shown at the Ford GT rally at NOLA Motorsports, and more production information should become available over the next few weeks.

By: Alexandra Koken