Report: Mazda working on a premium subcompact

Mazda Kiyora Concept

Mazda says it might be expanding its lineup to compete in new segments, according to vice-president of research and development at Mazda Europe Ichiro Hirose.

Hirose says Mazda “was interested in the premium sub-B class, and we could have a car launched within the next two or three years.” This would mean competition for the Mini, Citroen DS3 and recently launched Vauxhall Adam.

In the past Mazda has revealed its interest in crafting a smaller model with the Kiyora concept, designed as an upmarket city car.

The Kiyora, however, bares little to no resemblance to what the new model is anticipated to look like. With a new design head, Akira Tamatani, the concept should be made with the automaker’s current design language as found with the new Mazda 6 and the CX-5.

-By: Alexandra Koken

Source: Autocar