Report: Tesla offering to take Roadster trade-ins for Model S sedan

So you’re one of the elite few that had the $100,000 plus thousand to purchase a Tesla Roadster. While the tiny electric Roadster does turn heads when you drive, it still has plenty of limitation including and not limited to – no cargo room, no backseat and no power steering.

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Well, Tesla may have a solution for you if those three things are causing you a nuance. Tesla says that it has created a buyback program where Roadsters owners can trade in their old electric sports car for a Model S electric sedan.

Tesla will take back the Roadster and give owners credit on their new sedans. It will then sell the Roadster through its own stores.

“Someone who couldn’t reach all the way to a Roadster before, now may be able to get one at a lower price,” said Tom vonReichbauer, Tesla’s director of finance. “We’re able to set what I think are pretty competitive prices for these cars.”

– By: Omar Rana

Source: SFGate