I shift my gears back and forth: Hyundai Sonata driver faces unintended acceleration in traffic

Hyundai Sonata Reverse

Unintended acceleration was a huge issue with Toyota vehicles back in 2009-2010. Recently, there has been talk of the Hyundai Sonata facing similar issues in South Korea with the popular sedan being faced with sudden unintended acceleration problems.

An new incident took place in Seoul’s Seocho district last Wednesday on October 10, 2012, resulting in the injury of at least 10 people. The accident involved a Hyundai Sonata YF taxi that was only two weeks old.

The footage, caught from a Mercedes-Benz vehicle behind the Sonata, shows the taxi suddenly accelerating and violently smashing the car in front. It then shifts in reverse and smashes into the Mercedes with the dashboard cam.

Korean media reports that the incident is under investigation to see if it was the driver’s fault. The driver has stated that there was an issue with the car’s gas pedal.

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– By: Omar Rana

Source: CarScoop