Hyundai teams up with Broadcom to bring built-in ethernet connectivity to cars

Hyundai BlueLink

Hyundai and Broadcom Corporation have announced a joint development agreement to power the next-generation connected car.

Broadcom says that the partnership will integrate infotainment, telematics and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) features such as surround view parking and lane departure warning into Hyundai vehicles.

“Together, the companies aim to deliver robust features and faster connectivity to a broader number of drivers,” Broadcom said in a statement.

The system will be based on Broadcom’s BroadR-Reach Ethernet technology that delivers 100 mbps connectivity to advance integration of safety applications in the vehicle.

“Hyundai is confident about the viability of Ethernet in the car and looks forward to closely collaborating with Broadcom to develop an Ethernet network for Hyundai vehicles. The in-vehicle Ethernet network will enable key features including infotainment, lane departure warning, park assist and telematics to deliver greater value to our customers. We chose to partner with Broadcom as they deliver superior Ethernet-based innovation to enrich the driver and passenger experience.”

– By: Omar Rana