Buy a 2013 Honda Civic Natural Gas, receive a $3,000 gift card

2013 Honda Civic Natural Gas

Honda is offering a $3,000 card to buyers of the new compressed natural gas-powered Honda Civic, taking advantage of high gasoline prices. Honda is hoping to lure in customers to the Civic that runs on cheap compressed natural gas.

“The 2012 Civic Natural Gas Vehicle, the only OEM produced natural-gas powered passenger vehicle in the U.S, posted record sales since going on-sale in October 2011 as a new model, increasing 22 percent versus the same period a year ago, highlighting continued growing consumer interest in practical alternatives to gasoline, and natural gas in particular,” Honda said in statement.

The $3,000 debit card pre-loaded can be used at Clean Energy CNG fueling stations around the country to purchase fuel.

– By: Omar Rana