Video: How not to drive a Nissan GT-R

A group of people driving on a back road, although its unclear where, captured a Nissan GT-R on film flying by them just before the driver crashes it.

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The owner of the GT-R must have been feeling a bit ambitious, and unfortunately, hit a bump that sent them airborne and into a field on the side of the road. It appears to have been the best-case scenario for the driver, although we hope they will exercise a bit more caution in the future, still.

While the people recording the video appeared to be fairly unconcerned at first, they ended up going to check on the driver, who must have been on a cruise or at an event as his supercar buddies showed up just behind him.

The GT-R suffered $15,000 worth in damages, but the driver was unharmed, and able to relocate the vehicle for the tow to Frederick Nissan.

Check out the videos after the jump, but please proceed with caution as they do contain explicit language.

-By: Alexandra Koken

Source: CarScoop