Report: Cadillac will try to make it in Europe with American styling

Caddy is going to the UK with American design and no diesel variant with a 1,000 unit sales goal for 2012, anticipating most of its European sales to come form Germany and Switzerland.

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In a small step towards its global marketing goals, Cadillac will be relaunching its brand in Europe. To further emphasize how small the step is, GM’s new British design head Mark Adams has confirmed with Edmunds that there will be no styling changes to the models to bring in British aesthetic cues, no diesel variants and a 1,000 unit sales goal through the end of the year.

Adams currently heads GM’s Opel brand, says that further down the line these things will change, and that the current move is part of what Cadillac Europe’s managing director Wolfgang Schubert called a “bridging strategy”. The strategy means that diesel variants are in the works, and that the European counterpart will eventually have some influence over the design.

Regardless of how slow of a processes it will be, Cadillac still fully intends to take all the necessary steps to get its brand global, including changes down the line for the European market, and right hand drive models for the UK, Australia and Japan, which are all critical locations to achieve a strong global presence.

-By: Alexandra Koken

Source: InsideLine