Ermini brand comes back with a new sports car

Ermini is reemerging after fifty years to bring its “barchetta” sports car models back to the pavement with its unique philosophy and design approach.

The Florence-based automaker is teaming up with Osella to supply the chassis, and Giulio Cappellini to manage the design team. Cappellini is said to be highly skilled in his craft, but has not worked with automotive design. He was chosen because of these factors, to design a vehicle from no inspiration other than “beauty”.

Ermini’s philosophy will remain in its tradition, which is to create sports cars that focus on a vigorous driving experience from a light frame and tight handling, and will be both rear-engined and wheeled. It will rest on an electric welded space frame and refined suspension. The automaker has opted to use solely race-car oriented parts.

“With this car, lovers of those uncompromising vintage sports cars with their distinctive dynamism, long since replaced by modern supercars, will finally be able to enjoy themselves…”: these were the words of Chairman of Ermini Automobili Italia, Eugenio Ercoli.

Sounds like this is something very special in the making that speaks to the essence of both automotive design and engineering and the driving experience. It will be exciting to see the launch of Ermini’s Barchetta Sport model in 2013.

-By: Alexandra Koken