Report: SRT Barracuda due in 2015, to replace Dodge Challenger
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It seems CARandDRIVER was able to obtain some new details surrounding Dodge *ahem* SRT’s latest two-door sports coupe, which will most likely succeed the Dodge Challenger in 2015.

Long story short, the current Dodge Challenger runs on Chrysler’s LX platform, which ultimately started life as a W211 Mercedes-Benz E-Class. However, Chrysler swapped out the front suspension for a setup consisting of the W220 S-Class’s control arms. Additionally, the same five-speed automatic, rear differential, and electronic stability control systems were also used to underpin the LX platform. As a result, we saw the Chrysler 300, the Dodge Charger, and Challenger.

But ultimately, despite how much the three aforementioned cars have improved, they’re still outrageously huge and as a result, weigh more than the moon. Because of their sheer proportions, the current LX platform’s offerings don’t allow for great success in markets other than the US Domestic Market.

In lieu of the mating of Chrysler and Fiat, the corporation seeks to make the next Dodge Challenger-successor smaller and lighter, thanks to a new platform that will take from the Lancia, Alfa Romeo, and perhaps the Maserati parts bins. The end result is expected to be branded the 2015 SRT Barracuda.

C/D reports that we should expect this Barracuda to follow the Camaro’s and Mustang’s reported trend of utilizing four-cylinder engines. Speaking of which, does this make anyone think about the late 1970s and early 1980s, the last time a Mustang or Camaro ever came with a four-banger? Seems like history is repeating itself.

But of course, due to tightening CAFE requirements, C/D says we can expect the Dodge Dart’s 2.4L Tigershark four-banger with a distinct possibility that it might come with forced induction. Chrysler 3.6L Pentastar V6 is also expected to carry over, along with the brand’s traditional 5.7L HEMI V8, complete with direct injection.

– By: Chris Chin

Source/Photos: CARandDRIVER

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  • i understand that the platform will be developed by chrysler and carry over to lancia, alfa and maserati. it would make sense as chrysler will be higher volume. i also hear they are developing smaller versions off their v6 for maserati. make it a 7/10ths challenger, keep a useful trunk and backseat, and continue with the direction in interior development and i will buy it. if srt is allowed a blank sheet opportunity, im sure it will be what the challenger should have been

  • desertwind

    Lovely lines on this car, but why do away with the butch Challenger at all?