2012 Paris Report: BMW confirms bringing three-cylinder engines to US

AutomotiveNews reports after speaking with Ian Robertson, a member of BMW AG’s board, at the 2012 Paris Auto Show that BMW’s latest three-cylinder engines will be coming stateside.

“Hybrids with a three-cylinder engine are coming rapidly,” Robertson told AN during the show. “It behaves like a six-cylinder, it is half of a six-cylinder engine and has the noise of a six cylinder. The output from a relatively small engine is not what you would have imagined.”

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AN reportedly confirms previous reprots that BMW’s new three-cylinder engine will be used for future Mini models and the latest BMW i8 plug-in electric hybrid sports car. Altogether, the three-banger is also destined to find duty in nearly every new front-wheel drive UKL platform-based Mini and BMW. Robertson also said to expect about 10 to 12 new models to be spawned from the UKL chassis.

“One of the big advantages of UKL is that we are able to launch a lot of products almost simultaneously because we are doing the engineering at once,” Robertson told AN. “This is the first car that we are showing.”

The first three-banger powered UKL-based vehicle is expected to be the all-new completely redesigned Mini Cooper in 2014.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: Automotive News