2012 Paris Report: Volkswagen XL1 coming next year in small numbers, plug-in Golf, Bulli Microbus not happening

WhatCar? of the UK reports that Volkswagen’s anticipated XL1 hybrid two-seater sports car is confirmed to be on the way, after talking to board member Professor Ulrich Hackenberg of Volkswagen AG at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

According to the report, Hackenberg told WhatCar? that the new XL1 will be sold in limited numbers beginning next year after several previous years of many teaser concepts.

Hackenberg also said that a plug-in hybrid version of the next generation Mk7 Golf will also follow in 2014. Additionally, a new three-cylinder Bluemotion diesel engine will be introduced, boasting much lower frictional losses (when compared to four-bangers), which will improve fuel economy.

Those looking forward to the possibility of Volkswagen’s Bulli Microbus will be disappointed, however. Hackenberg mentioned that due to the shortage of demand, it will not see production anytime soon.

Lastly, the Bluesport roadster is also pending approval as Volkswagen thinks that the market isn’t healthy enough, so Hackenberg said that it’s unlikely to see production.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: WhatCar?