Tesla unveils Supercharger charging stations, over 100 locations coming by 2015
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Tesla Motors has just surprised the automotive world by unveiling what it calls a ‘Supercharger network.’ The Tesla Superchargers are basically quick charging stations that will be placed along well-traveled routes in North America – so if you’re one of the many that feared taking a long-trip in your electric-car, it’s time to stop worrying.

Currently there are six active locations with plans for over 100 stations in 2015. Tesla says that the Supercharger stations are designed to give electric-car half a charge in about 30 minutes. That’s 150 miles of range with the company’s 85 kWh battery.

The six locations include California, parts of Nevada and Arizona. By next year, Tesla plans to install Superchargers in high traffic areas across the continental United States, allowing for purely electric travel from Vancouver to San Diego, Miami to Montreal and Los Angeles to New York. Tesla will also start installing Superchargers in Europe and Asia in the second half of 2013.

“The technology at the heart of the Supercharger was developed internally and leverages the economies of scale of existing charging technology already used by the Model S, enabling Tesla to create the Supercharger device at minimal cost,” Tesla said in statement. “The electricity used by the Supercharger comes from a solar carport system provided by SolarCity, which results in almost zero marginal energy cost after installation.”

“Tesla’s Supercharger network is a game changer for electric vehicles, providing long distance travel that has a level of convenience equivalent to gasoline cars for all practical purposes,” said Elon Musk, Tesla Motors co-founder and CEO. “However, by making electric long distance travel at no cost, an impossibility for gasoline cars, Tesla is demonstrating just how fundamentally better electric transport can be. We are giving Model S the ability to drive almost anywhere for free on pure sunlight.”

– By: Omar Rana

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  • How does solar charger generate enough power to service a line of cars at the electric “pump”? This is a wonderful idea but I don’t see the technology to do this.

  • cad4life

    weakness is 30 min 4 half a tank of gas, ok, its getting better, but u could the better place is better as of now?

  • and pigs will fly, i would short this stock

  • Gord

    Interesting that the first three comments are pessimistic.

    @Hathcock, go ahead and short the stock. More for us.
    @cad4life, I’m not sure what you are trying to say.
    @Gebhard, how do you not acknowledge the technology? They HAVE the technology and opened “six active locations”.

    Please go stick your collective heads in the sand. The future is here.

  • 30 min for half charge is a start to improvement. I can see that being useful in Citi Garages, on the Interstates where people to stop for natural needs (bathroom, food, drinks, etc.) generally that takes 30-45 min anyway. Sooner or later it will see a wider use after the middle east just turns into another 15 yr war zone.

  • I have noticed a common theme in most of the posts I have seen on this subject expecially in regards to the capacity of the small solar array on the roof of the car port. People ask, how many cars before the solar panels are depleted? The solar pannels do not charge the cars, the solar panels change the super charger (the rocket looking contraption next the the car port). That device stores the electricity generated by the cells (probably a capacity/battery combination) device with a cool rocket faring looking cover on it. This this stores power for both charging the cars and for lighting the station at night.

  • bill

    It surly would seem to me that their should be battery stations where you can pull in and swap batteries and be on your way. I would think the electric cars and the batteries would be designed that way.

  • john holmes

    jim hatchcock, did you cover your short yet:? 140/shr

  • john holmes

    piker probably only shorted 100 shares but that still is a short at 30 cover at 140, you could have used the 11k to buy some gas for your volkswagen or volts for your prius

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