GM opens China’s largest proving ground

GM Proving Ground China

GM, SAIC, Shanghai GM and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center have opened the doors to China’s largest proving ground that is capable of conducting 67 driving conditions 37 miles of test roads.

The Guangde Proving Ground in Guangde County, Anhui, is part of an investment of $253 million.

“GM has brought some of our industry’s most advanced technology and processes to the Guangde Proving Ground,” said Kevin Wale, president, GM China, and chief country operations officer, China, India and ASEAN.

“Our goal from the beginning was to make this a world-class facility. The greatest beneficiary will be our customers, who will receive even higher-quality vehicles that are equal to those built and sold anywhere else in the world,” Wale said.

The proving ground simulates different driving condition in China including and includes 8 specific test areas: an oval track, vehicle dynamics test area, long straightaway, ride and handling loop, noise test road, durability test area, corrosion test area and hill test area

– By: Omar Rana