Vilner offers 5-star luxury for the new Mercedes-Benz GL SUV

Bulgarian tuning house Vilner has created a custom luxury Mercedes-Benz GL to meet the needs of one customer who sought to replace the third row of seats with some extra luxury and space.

Vilner removed the two back rows of seating in the GL and put in its place two front seats borrowed from another GL, offering more plush seating for passengers, and added in a new center console that includes an armrest, aluminum iPad cradle and cup holders.

The tuning house upgraded the sound system with one that offers control from an iPad, coated the interior in leather and Alcantara with unique stitching, and put in additional soundproof material from Ground Zero.

Although this likely does not meet the needs of many considering it undermines the model’s practicality, Vilner did a beautiful job with this GL’s interior that will hopefully be translated for another model in the future.

-By: Alexandra Koken

Source: CarScoop