Photo Rendering: What the next generation F80 BMW M3 coupe could look like

Recently, I was prowling one of my favorite websites to update my desktop background. And in my search, I stumbled upon a really good photo rendering of what the next generation M3 coupe could look like.

Of course, BMW has told us not expect at least a concept version of the next generation M3 until the 2013 Geneva Motor Show. But for those who are too impatient to figure out what it looks like, this could be a very good indicator of what to expect.

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Obviously however, this rendering by “J.A. Designs” is far from official, though the artwork is tastefully done and it could easily pass for a potential M3 Concept. I tried Google’ing this “J.A. Designs” name and quite a few results popped up, making it difficult to give credit where credit is due.

Either way, I linked where I found the picture in the source below. And until the new M3 comes out, fans can ease the tension with this eye candy.

So far, from what we know in the rumormill, the next M3 will utilize a twin-turbo inline-six, which will be mated to BMW’s M-DCT seven-speed dual-clutch cog swapper.

Stay tuned as more information comes our way regarding one of history’s greatest automotive icons.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: (PG-rated photos at first, though slightly NSFW content exists on the site in the form of bikini-clad women)