2013 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG GT Safety Car for F1 unveiled

Mercedes-Benz debuted its updated F1 Safety Car at the Formula 1 Shell Belgian Grand Prix recently, replacing the SLS AMG with the SLS AMG GT.

Also set to make an appearance at the Singapore Grand Prix, the GT version boasts an extra 20hp, better driving dynamics and on-track performance, as well as modified taillights and headlights, and a different finish for the grille.

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Few mods are made for the Safety Car in comparison to the street version, but Mercedes did add in rear window safety lights, an improved rear silencer, F1 decals, two central screens that offer race progress information and radio communications, and bucket seats with six-point seat belts.

This year, the Mercedes-Benz Safety Car was put into use six times for a total of 85.8 miles, used in cases of unsafe road conditions such as accidents or bad weather.

-By: Alexandra Koken