PSY rolls Gangnam Style in the Hyundai Equus (w/ Video)

Gangnam Style in the Hyundai Equus

What is Gangnam Style and who the heck is PSY? Well, if you’re not into pop culture then you probably haven’t heard of PSY – a Korean pop star who’s song Gangnam Style is an internet sensation with more than 215 million views on YouTube.

So what does Gangnam Style mean you ask? According to a comment on Quora: “Gangnam is a district in Seoul, South Korea. As the most affluent part of the metropolitan area, it’s widely known for its expensive lifestyle and trendy fashion. Aka, it’s like big pimpin money spending cheese.”

So what does PSY the creator of the Gangnam Style drive? A mega luxurious Hyundai Equus.

How do you roll Gangnam Style?

Note: If you don’t know PSY, you need to watch the video after the jump right now and start dancing.