Video: Footage shows U.S. Marine beating up taxi driver

Footage shows U.S. Marine beating up taxi driver

Video footage from a taxi’s passenger camera has recently been released that shows a cab driver being assaulted on the job by a U.S. Marine who makes it abundantly clear he thought the driver was trying to “take his money”.

Cab drivers certainly put up with their fair share of issues and confrontation, but as the owner of this cab company, Island Taxi, Rex Bowen says: “I’ve been in business here for five years and I’ve never had an incident like this.”

The video is nothing shy of disturbing, as the U.S. Marine, who has been identified as Sgt. John Adam Kinosh of the MARSOC Special Operations School at Stone Bay, verbally threatens the driver, then proceeds to follow through on them.

Driver Charles Hawkesworth Jr. was taken to Onslow Memorial Hospital to be treated for multiple facial bone fractures among other injuries.

Sgt. Kinosh is facing charges of misdemeanor assault inflicting serious injury, assault inflicting serious injury and communicating threats. Surf City Police Department Chief Mike Halstead says “Because he used his hands to commit the assault, it was a misdemeanor.” No arrest can be made at this time, however, because Sgt. Kinosh can’t be served a warrant because checked himself into a psychiatric unit of a behavioral hospital immediately after the incident.

Please be aware that the video contains graphic imagery and language.

By: Alexandra Koken

Source: CarScoop