Report: BMW to unveil M Performance kit for 120d, 320d, and 520d in Euro markets at Paris

WorldCarFans reports that BMW has announced that they’ll be introducing a new M Performance Power Kit for the brand’s 2.0L turbocharged diesel four-banger at this year’s 2012 Paris Motor Show.

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The kit was specifically designed for the internally coded N47 diesel straight-four, which sees duty in the 120d, 320d, and 520d in the European market. From the factory, it produces 177hp and 258 lb-ft of twist.

The kit on the other hand adds a larger air cooler and a revised ECU mapping. The result is a bump to 197hp and 310 lb-ft of torque and total of one second off 0-60 times for the aforementioned models, according to BMW.

BMW also said that the performance bump won’t significantly affect fuel efficiency or Europe’s tight CO2 emissions standards and most of all, the kit is factory backed—no worries about voiding BMW’s factory warranty as it is also supported by the policy.

A gasoline version of the kit will eventually come out as well, but BMW didn’t disclose when. Additionally, there was no indication of these kits’ use in the US market.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: WorldCarFans