Report: BMW 1-Series Concept Active Tourer leaked before Paris debut

BMW purists have been loathing over the potential fact that the BMW 1-Series may make the dreaded transformation from rear-wheel drive to front-wheel drive. So far, everything seems to be on schedule for the change as BimmerPost and Germany’s have stumbled upon what appears to be leaked images of the latest and greatest BMW 1er Concept Active Tourer.

The new FWD 1-Series seeks to tighten its aim against its other front-wheel driven competition: the Mercedes-Benz A- and B-Class and the Audi A3. Much like the rest of the industry’s push to streamline production logistics, BMW’s latest 1-Series will be based on the Munich-based brand’s latest UKL modular platform. The UKL platform will not only underpin 1-Series, but also future Mini models as well.

According to BimmerPost, the entire 1-Series lineup is expected to be completely front-wheel driven, while rumors suggest that the 1-Series coupe and convertible successors are most likely to stay rear-wheel drive and are to be badged as “2-Series” cars for the first time in the brand’s history.

Stay tuned for more updates as Paris rolls around.

– By: Chris Chin

Source: (if you know German) via BimmerPost