Video: Ferrari F40 meets its demise in Vancouver

Wrecked Ferrari F40

While it is fortunate that in a recent crash no one was hurt, a Ferrari F40 could have been fatally wounded.

The F40 is a supercar icon for its rarity, power, design and being the last model produced under Enzo Ferrari before his passing. It was built from 1987-1992 and the mid-engined rear wheel drive machine still only saw less then 1,400 units. So you can see the tragedy on one being so badly wounded, and potentially done for good.

It is still possible that the model is salvageable, but few details have been revealed about the Vancouver crash so far. What we have heard so far is that the driver says he lost control due to the rain.

Check out the video and see the damage for yourself.

-By: Alexandra Koken

Source: CarScoop