Report: Chevrolet Spark sees a strong kick-off with successful sales figures

The small subcompact city car is the quintessential antithesis to the bodystyles that Americans have been obsessed over…specifically SUVs and full-sized two- and four-door sedans. So I honestly was a little apprehensive about America’s pitch to make subcompacts here. But in the names of fuel economy, efficiency, and CAFE requirements, they are a bit necessary.

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According to WardsAuto, reports say that Chevrolet’s Spark has had a very successful start with its production figures, which helped contribute to a 25% rise in Chevrolet’s passenger car sales. This is following the Spark’s introduction to the US Domestic Market in July of this year.

“We were forecasting sales of 1,900 units in the first (full) month on the market, and only had Spark available in 18 markets across the U.S., but exceeded our expectations with sales of 2,600 units,” said Mike Weidman, Chevrolet’s small-car marketing manager. “By the time everyone in every market will be able to see a Spark, it will either be the end of this year or early next.”

Weidman was also quoted for saying that Chevrolet will be heavily monitoring and exploring the amount of demand surrounding the subcompact segment. He noted that Chevrolet seeks to make sure that the subcompact segment continues to be a successful market before boosting output.

Currently, the Spark is manufactured by General Motors’ South Korean division. Should production output be increased, General Motors would have to do some significant reworks to its production logistics.

“What’s going to be the eventual demand level? We’re unsure because there’s a lot of competition in the mini segment and a lot more coming,” Weidman was quoted. “We’re going to explore the amount of demand, and once we feel it has reached a steady level, we’ll adjust and align production and shipments accordingly.”

– By: Chris Chin

Source: WardsAuto